Day 1 – Fog, avalanches and poke

Lets start again with the welcome night on Tuesday. As already said, invited everyone to the Casino Walsertal. Looks like Austrian Casino’s got different traditions, because we had ‘Spanferkel’ which means grilled pork with a metal stick in its ass coming out it’s front. Great meal, for real men…or actually knights. Then the mob moved upstairs, where we had our private poker table. Course, who wants to play with a bunch of tattooed and baggy panted rookies…
First the boys really acted like sissies, no hero attitude at all, just checking each other out. But then poker was on and at the end, the only ‘not-knight’ at the table, Markus Poschenrieder, grabbed the pot and left Thomas Hlawitschka and Oscar Scherin behind him. He got rewarded with a free night of booze at the final Saturday party, and the Casino crew even threw in a brand new poker set for Poschi. Martin Misof couldn’t deal with that and ran to the Black Jack Table, just to wave his credit card in front of the chip counter a couple of times.

Wednesday: First shooting day! Fog, fog and even more fog.
But the shape crew is still working hard. The jump is fine, could be hit at any time the sun comes out. It is all about the fine tuning now, getting the massive jump to look like a castle.

Also the night session had to be postponed. Yep, you got it – fog! So time for even more Poker, yeeha!

Personally I think this ski event is just an excuse to have a four-day-poker-tournament going…

So TOMORROW, Thursday, the weather will be better and the crew up early to hit the jump (or play poker).

Also the NIGHT SESSION might happen tomorrow, with some heli filming during the session.

Pray for sun & stay tuned.
…’did you really pay your blind already, dude?

Alright, that was it for the day.

Thanks for my friend paddy keeping it tight…




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