Day 1: Let the games begin

Day 1 of Suzuki Nine Knights at Mottolino Fun Mountain, was a great kick off day for the 2012 edition.

Nearly all athletes have arrived in Livigno and had the first chance to play around with their “castello”.


Things started off with our traditional welcome night, hosted by the city of Livigno. We took the chance to explain the invited athletes and media the plans for the next 7 days and motivated them to get creative!

Nate Abbott wondering why he has never been to Suzuki Nine Knights before?

Paddy Graham (r.) and Bene Mayr (l.) checking out the Suzuki Nine Knights special edition rings for the category winners.

Winners rings

Winning prices

Not only the first clash with italian culture, also the first session at the mountain was a lot of fun for all participants. Event though the weather was pretty windy and party cloudy, the “knights” played around at all different options of the feature all day!

Tom Wallisch and Russ Henshaw

Bene Mayr checking out the castello from the top if the In Run

Paddy Graham with one of the first hits of the day

Livigno local Raffa Cusini

Even though the constant headwind made hitting the big jump hard to the “Knights”, they kept sessioning until late in the afternoon. Local shredder Raffa Cusini, always the first one to drop in when the wind calmed down a little bit. As always Laurent Favre was the most creative rider of the first day, trying out all kinds of different transfers of the feature and finding trannies, where no other person would ever find one! Great to have u here, Lolo!

Lolo Favre

Luggi Brucic and Nico Zacek going side by side

Ban Valetnin, Luggi Brucic, Bene Mayr, Roy Kittler  and Nico Zacek spend a lot of time in the Quaterpipe, getting used to the many options it offers.

Bene Mayr training to be a part of the german 2014 olympic halfpipe team (not)

Oystein Braaten going absolutely nuts on the rails

The day ended with a little Rail session on the Power Balance stairset, where esspecially Tom Wallisch, Oystein Braaten, Roy Kittler and Russ Hensaw absolutely slayed it.

Looks like the weather is pretty good today again, so check back for the next update tonight!

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