Day 2- GoPro Course Preview and a Cloud Session

“Where’s the hip?” The majestic Suzuki Nine Knights hip disappeared into the thick afternoon cloud.

alex ferreira

Alex Ferreira by David Malacrida

Fueled by their fellow enthusiastic riders, particularly the new arrivals Seppe Smits (BEL), David Wise (USA), Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI), Heikki Sorsa (FIN), Peetu Piiroinen (FIN), Christian “Hitch” Haller (SUI), the group had a good fun session on the Buff section with riders doing wall-rides.

christian haller

Christian Haller By David Malacrida

Sebbe De Buck got creative and even jumped from the left kicker take-off to the left re-direct kicker take off, just having fun.

sebbe de buck

Sebbe De Buck By David Malacrida

Height seemed to be on everyone’s minds and the combined airtime would be significant. Simon Gruber (ITA) was boosting the highest airs on snowboard side, while Iouri was styling it with his on-point methods. Among the skiers, Felix Usterud (NOR) stood out by hitting a big hip for the first time, and sending down lofty beautiful variations of 450s, while Jules Bonnaire (FRA) stomped some rodeo 720 transfers. We can’t forget Christof Schenck (ITA) and his absolutely massive airs off the hip. Could they be the highest of the week?

nicky keefer

Nicky Keefer By David Malacrida