Day 2 – Where is the Sun ?!

Yesterday we were joking about the fog up on the mountain, today we didn’t think it was that funny at all. Weather forecast was prediciting sunny parts during the day, we couldn’t see them – cause of constant fog. Big time.

Our skis were waiting, too.

Everyone was up at the mountain at 8 already, knights get up early I suppose. Only Swedish knights don’t like bad weather and so they decided to stay in the cosy apartment after a king size breakfast.
Due to the crap weather the crew started building a mini park, also castle style of course. A small gap, a little ‘backflip kicker’ and a flat box got all the attention of us all day long.

Sir Misof, Duke Hlawitschka and Lord Graham building “their” castle

Bene Mayr, bomb-drop 180, at least 4ft… What a man!

Me, my fastplant 360 and… some fog in the background.

Most of the action happened at the box. Beni Mayer, Luggi Brucic, Fabio Studer, Paddy Graham and Sebi Geiger were killing it, while we all were laughing because of the funny tricks they were pulling. It all started with a can of Red Bull, which I left standing on the box. A new obstacle! Soon each rider told me how to arrange several Red Bull cans on the box to fulfil new tricks. At the end, myself was lying on the box to get ollied over, seriously worried about my nuts taking damage. Man of the ‘can tricks’ and winner of the ‘Duracell award’ was Luggi Brucic, who was taking it on with five cans piled on each other, so almost a meter pop off the box. Respect.

Luggi’s high-jump-over-some-cans record: 5 cans! And no, they didn’t fall

Still alive, still fertile…

Surprisingly the first poker round started at 1 pm, pretty late I guess. Almost thought the boys are sick today or something…

3 pm. Aaaaaaaaaaahh! Fu…. fog!

Night session cancelled. No chance today.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Tonight BBQ with Sven of the famous Out of Bounds shop.
Over and out.


Photo Credits: Daniel Schiessl, get well & back on skis soon, bro!


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