DAY 2 — Who’s First On The Big Kicker?

Day 2 of the Suzuki Nine Knights was all about the riders figuring out how to combine features to create their perfect line, and of course, finally trying out the biggest kicker.

Though weather conditions were less than ideal with some strong winds and cloud cover, our athletes were determined hit the biggest kicker, a beast of 11m high and 35m long between the take off and landing. The first to guinea-pig it was Swedish snowboarder Sven Thorgren, who quickly moved from straight airs on the kicker to stylish 7s in just a few rounds. For the skiers, fellow Swede Jesper Tjäder started the big kicker trend, picking up airtime with every hit.
Stoked by his performance on the kicker, Sven said, “I thought the skiers would try it first but I was like ‘Ah, no one’s doing it, somebody has to do it” so I just decided to go for it. I just went for it without knowing the speed and it worked out, especially since I was able to get the 720 by the end.”

skiLucas Schäfer, Photo: David Malacrida

Of course, the other features were shown just as much love, with the boys finding new ways to hit the Blue Tomato cannon rail, the O’Neill #unreasonable feature, and the hip/Monster mini-ramp on every run. On the tranny of the cannon rail feature, Austrian skier Luggi Brucic threw down a massive rodeo 1080 while snowboarder Halldór Helgason (ISL) stomped a slow and stylish rodeo 5 indy on the same take off.

lifestyleHalldór Helgason, Photo: David Malacrida

Meanwhile, Nick Goepper (USA) and Jesper Tjäder spent a good part of the day using the O’Neill #unreasonable feature as a hip, by speeding through the tunnel and landing on the right side of the feature. On the hip/Monster mini ramp, Italian Christof Schenk was one of the many riders getting serious amplitude off the hip, while Sebbe de Buck was dialing in stylish hand plants on the mini-ramp wall ride.

skiChristof Schenk, photo: David Malacrida

As we can see, it’s been another insanely productive day for the riders on “Il Castello” in the Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno. With the level reached today, the rest of the week will surely be epic! Stay tuned for the GoPro course preview dropping tomorrow.

Wednesday 8th is the public night shoot. The Teolia ski lift opens for pedestrians at 8pm.