Day 3 – Side Hits for Everyone!

Never ones to be disappointed by conditions, the riders continued to kill it today, even if it was too cloudy to hit (or see) the hip.The skiers and snowboarders, determined to make today work, made use of the entire Suzuki Nine Knights Perfect Hip course- not just the take offs, landings, and hip, but the in-run, the Monster Tent, and the snow banks on the side of the course.

alex ferreira

Alex Ferreira by David Malacrida

While waiting for the clouds to clear, the skiers and snowboarders went all out, even if that meant trying snowboard tricks as a skier and vice versa like David Wise and Sebbe De Buck or Christof Schenk and Simon Gruber.

christof schenk

christof schenk

Things got interesting when the huge Buff ball was brought into play, giving everyone the chance to tap, flip, and jump over it. Once the weather clears, things will only get bigger and better.