Day 4 – Hip Hip Hooray!

The clouds finally cleared today, giving our riders prime conditions to hit the Suzuki Nine Knights Perfect Hip. Ready and roaring after a day of down time, the skiers and snowboarders charged hard right off the bat, gradually boosting higher and higher above the 10m high Suzuki axe.

david wise

David Wise by David Malacrida

Out of the skiers, Christof Schenk, Joffrey Pollet-Villard, Jules Bonnaire, and David Wise got after it, determined to get more amplitude with each hit, besting the other’s previous air, often reaching meters above the Suzuki axe.

jules bonnaire

Jules Bonnaire by David Malacrida

Meanwhile, Alex Ferreira, Felix Usterud, and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand were all about styling out huge tricks like Ferreira’s double flatspin 1080, Usterud’s and Beaulieu-Marchand’s double cork 720s.

felix usterdud

Felix Usterud by David Malacrida

For the snowboarders, Werni Stock and Simon Gruber were going absolutely massive, often surpassing the Suzuki axe with their huge methods.

werni stock, simon gruber

Werni Stock and Simon Gruber by David Malacrida

Sebbe De Buck, Peetu Piiroinen, and Seppe Smits were all about boosting and getting their many tricks dialed.

sebbe de buck

Sebbe De Buck by David Malacrida

This awesome session came to an incredible close when all the skiers lined up to perform a super stylish train, hitting all sides of the hip. With the contest day taking place tomorrow, some serious skiing and snowboarding is about go down in Watles, South Tyrol, Italy.

felix usterud, denis ranalter

The Train by David Malacrida