Public Night Shoot- Lights, Camera, Action!

To the sound of thousands of people cheering, the riders stomped continuous tricks under bright colorful lights, during the tonight’s night shoot on “Il Castello” on Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy.

lifestyleIl Castello, Photo: David Malacrida

In the hour and thirty-minute session, the crowd-pleasing frontflips, backflips, and slow spins were aplenty, and if one person launching off the kicker wasn’t enough to make the crowd go crazy, the 5 to 10 people trains definitely did the trick.

snbEmil Ulstetten, Photo: David Malacrida

The snowboarder train consisting of Seppe Smits (BEL), Peetu Piiroinen (FIN), and Simon Gruber (ITA) received a great response, especially with the numerous Belgians in the crowd.

skiEmanuele Galli, Photo: David Malacrida

skiTom Wallisch, Photo: David Malacrida

As for the skiers, Jesper Tjäder, Nick Goepper, Christof Schenk, Fabian Bösch, and David Wise managed to land at least 9 back to back backflips in that train alone!

skiTrain, Photo: David Malacrida
All in all, the riders were going huge on every hit, whether on the kicker or on the hip, determined to give the thousands of fans attending a show they would never forget. For another epic show, be sure to check out the public contest day on Friday!

lifestyleCrowd, Photo: David Malacrida
Top Photo: Christof Schenk