Day 4: The Boys Are Going Ham

Day 4 was dominated by the boys who went ham in both skiing and snowboarding.

Oscar Wester (SWE, ski), who sessioned in Lederhosen the first days finally got his missing ski gear back, leading him to stomping an insane triple kangaroo flip. Andri Ragettli (SUI, ski) joined him on stomping sick by throwing double misty 12 mite grabs and a flawless switch triple cork 12 safety.

Oscar Wester

The Belgians dedicated their time to corks as Seppe Smits (BEL, snb) did some of the most stylish double corks ever and Sebbe de Buck (BEL, snb) pulled off his butter backside double cork on the queens jump.

Seppe Smits

The girls continued to slay the queens’ jumps with Emma Dahlström (SWE, ski) dropping some nice switch cork 5s and 7s and Coline Ballet-Baz (FRA, ski) pulling off a sick cork 9 blunt. Šárka Pančochová (CZE) brought out her best as being the only girl hitting the right hip with a nice backside air continued to a 50/50 through the double link rail.

Šárka Pančochová

We are looking back on another great day and the excitement for competition day on Saturday is growing.