DAY 5 — The Heli Shoot

Though the riders were already buzzing with energy during training, the arrival of the helicopter brought the stoke to a whole new level as the Suzuki Nine Knights heli shoot began.

snbTor Lundström, Photo: David Malacrida

Straight from the get-go, the skiers and snowboarders were 100% committed to going huge, spinning fast, and stomping tricks. Out of the snowboarders, Tor Lundstrom (SWE) was absolutely sending it, and landed backside triple cork 1440, and even a personal first with a frontside 1440. Meanwhile, Emil Ulsletten (NOR) was unstoppable, spinning harder and faster than any others on the course. Stoked on his perfmormance, he recounted, “the kicker was super good, and conditions too. It was my first time at a heli-shoot too so I was stoked. I got a double frontside rodeo with the heli so I’m definitely proud of that one.”

emilEmil Ulsletten, Photo: David Malacrida

As for the skiers, we saw plenty of massive tricks the entire group, with Luca Tribondeau (AUT) and Christophe Schenk (ITA) launching off the kicker with every hit, even stomping a triple backflip.

skiLuca Tribondeau, Photo: David Malacrida

Luca’s many triple corks won repeated applause from fellow riders while Christophe’s increased amplitude on every hit continued to blow everyone’s minds. If that wasn’t enough, Nick Goepper’s (USA) crazy stylish double cork screaming semens were definitely a sight to see.

ski, snbNick Goepper & Sebastien Toutant, Photo: David Malacrida

To top things off, the backflips were back in full force. Back to back simultaneous double backflips, backflip trains, triple backflips… the riders proved that the possibilities were endless. One of the most incredible combos was a crazy 3-person double backflip with Nick, Christophe, and Fabian Bösch going absolutely massive all at the same time.

skiPeetu Piiroinen, photo: David Malacrida

After the heli-shoot, some of the riders even began sessionning the hip, with David Wise (USA), Joffrey Pollet-Villard (FRA), and Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) going the biggest out of the entire group, even surpassing the Suzuki sign measuring 9.5 meters.

skiJoffrey Pollet-Villard, Photo: David Malacrida

The stakes will only get bigger with the contest taking place tomorrow, so be sure to check out Facebook for the lastest info!