Day 1- Fantastic opening session

What a banger start to the “Perfect Hip” in Watles in South Tyrol when the invited skiers and snowboarders converged at the Suzuki Nine Knights 2016 castle, shaped to perfection by the Schneestern and F-Tech crews1. Dramatic clouds gave some added depth to the scene as the riders speed-checked and sampled the different features of the caste. Not wasting any time the Suzuki Axe hight was soon challenged by many of the riders…

joffrey pollet villard

Joffrey Pollet Villard

The first rider to boost off the middle kicker was snowboarder Sebbe DeBuck (BEL), who went big all session, later stomping a sweet alley oop 450. Austrian Werni Stock followed suit going for air-time testing out the feature.

Skier Christof Schenk was boosting all day, going huge and throwing down a impressive double backflip from the right jump to the kicker landing, showing the multiple options on the feature. Frenchman Joffery Pollet-Villard was today’s high flyer— easily floating above the Suzuki axe, a serious contender for the highest air of the week. Later styling it with a cork 270 blunt, while fellow countryman Jules Bonnaire styled it out with a lazyboy cork 360.

nicky keeferNicky Keefer

What a great start to the event! Stay tuned for the GoPro Course Preview dropping tomorrow.