Photo Contest Winners

Get your ooohs and wow’s ready as we are about to reveal the outcome of the 2017 Suzuki Nine Royals photo contest. The four invited photographers; Flo Breitenberger, Eric Seo, Markus Rohrbacher and Daniel Bernstal joined us for a week of documenting the riders and insane action at the huge castle fromevery angle.

The peer voted awards were determined at the gala evening in the categories. ‘Best Action Shot’,Best Creative Angle’,Best Illumination”, “Best Close-Up’, ‘Best GoPro Photo’. Each artist submitted two images per category from the event week and here are all their submissions.

These photos are only allowed to be published on and are NOT to be posted anywhere else. Please respect the photo rights!

WINNER ACTION- Markus Rohrbacher

WINNER CREATIVE ANGLE- Florian Breitenberger


 WINNER CLOSE-UP – Markus Rohrbacher

 WINNER GOPRO SHOT- Markus Rohrbacher

ALL SUBMISSIONS  – Daniel Bergstal (SWE)

Action Submission – Daniel Bergstal

Creative Angle Submission – Daniel Bergstal

Illumination Submission – Daniel Bergstal 

Close-Up-Submission – Daniel Bergstal 

GoPro Submission – Daniel Bergstal 



Action Submissions – Eric Seo

Creative Angle Submissions – Eric Seo  Illumination Submissions – Eric Seo

Best Close-Up Submissions – Eric Seo

GoPro Photo Submission- Eric Seo


Action submissions – Florian Breitenberger

Creative Angle Submissions – Florian Breitenberger
Close-Up – Submissions – Florian Breitenberger

 Go-Pro Shot Submissions –Florian Breitenberger

ALL SUBMISSION – Markus Rohrbacher

Action Submissions – Markus Rohrbacher

Creative Angle Submissions – Markus Rohrbacher

Illumination submissions – Markus Rohrbacher

Close-up  submissions – Markus Rohrbacher

GoPro submissions – Markus Rohrbacher