Suzuki Nine Knights Soccer Invitational

Yesterday the legendary Suzuki Nine Knights Soccer Invitational went down. It is a long tradition and as usual it was a blast for everyone. Six highly motivated teams were competing against each other and everybody wanted to win.

The Old Men team starring the host Nico Zacek was very strong from the beginning and made it into the finals.

As you can see everybody worked together and that is why there was some beautiful dribbling and passing within the game.

Sean “the Aussi” Balmer was the hero of the day in 5 games he didn’t even let one ball in his goal! He and the Schneesterncrew also got into the finals.

Team Cobra was also highly motivated but they didn’t have the stamina to get into the second round.

Fabio Studer the Austrian Soccer Pro himself formed a team with the strongest of athletes at this tournament. After his announcement video the team unfortunately just made it to the mini finals.

After a couple of difficulties when doing “Rock-Paper-Scissors” all the contestants finally knew how to do it and the game could begin.

When team Fabio Studer heard the news that they moved on to the mini finals the excitement was enormous!

We were very proud that the Mottolino Fun Mountain was able to form a team in a very short time. They played very brave, but against the tough competition even the Italians couldn’t succeed.

The crowd was going crazy during the games everybody was rooting for their team of preference, which helped the atmosphere being as awesome as it was!

The mini finals were very intense team Media/French against the team Fabio Studer!

The teams were equally good and motivated so it came down to a shoot out. After 5 shots from every team it still was tied. The wining shot took Tim Lloyd who has been a great goalie during the game.

And then….. The long awaited finals: The Old Men vs. Team Schneestern. After a fascinating game the Schneesterncrew won with 1:0

The winner team was very happy and could celebrate a little bit before having to go back up to re-shape il Castello.

Overall the Suzuki Soccer Invitational was a raving success. Thanks to all the contestants and see you next year!

Nine Knights Ski 2012 | Action day 1&2


All Fotos by Flo Breitenberger ®