The Winners of the Week

Like every year, the Suzuki Nine Knights event wrapped up with a gala evening for to hand out the well-deserved prizes. Peer-voted, each award is handed out by the athletes themselves, crediting the athletes and the photographers who have been killing it all week. Welcoming the snowboarders to the oldest Nine Knights tradition, the skiers insisted each and every one of them to have a shoe: a beer poured into their shoes and then into their mouths. Needless to say, it was going to be a fun night!

prize givingThe Suzuki Nine Knights rings to award, photo: David Malacrida

The four invited photographers were Alex Papis, Markus ‘Fishy’ Fischer, Cyrill Müller, and Christoph Schöch. As a part of the photo competition, each person submitted two photos in the following categories: ‘Best Action Shot’, ‘Best Creative Angle’, ‘Best Illumination’ and “O’Neill Unreasonable”. See all the winning shots and all submissions here.

To award the incredible performance of the skiers and snowboarders, they awarded ‘Best Style’, ‘Best GoPro Moment’, and ‘Ruler of the Week’ using a peer-voting system.


prize givingFishy, photo: David Malacrida

For the ‘best action shot’, Nine Knights newbie Markus ‘Fishy’ Fischer took first thanks to his incredible sequence shot of Swedish skier Jesper Tjäder’s switch frontflip redirect from one of the kickers to the wall ride. As a result, he took home a new skate deck and thanks to Monster Energy, he’ll be heading to the Ibiza Rocks this summer with a VIP pass around his neck!

prize givingAlex Papis, photo: David Malacrida

Taking home the Suzuki surfboard for ‘best illumination’ was Alex Papis with his shot of Nick Goepper doing a massive cork 3 over the biggest kicker after sunset. In the shot, we can spot an actual knight on the kicker’s 11m wall playing in the shadows of the snow Castle.

Alex also took home the ‘best creative angle’ awarded with a Völkl splitboard with his shot of Alex Benz flying over the kicker from underneath. The creative angle comes from an important addition to the photo, wherein Alex has his hand directly on the Suzuki sword in the middle of the biggest kicker.

prize giving

Alex Papis, photo: David Malacrida

The final category being the ‘best unreasonable’ moment, Cyrill Müller’s photo of Sage Kotsenburg covered in GoPro cameras was quickly voted as the winner. Sage’s intense carve is only made better with his 3-way mount, the helicopter mount, the chesty, and lastly, the headcam. Though Cyrill was unable to collect his prize in person, he did win the Völkl splitboard, meaning that we will definitely be running into him in the backcountry some time soon.


prize givingLuca Schuler, photo: David Malacrida

In the Ski Big Air, the winner was Swiss skier Luca Schuler thanks to his incredible consistency for landing big tricks with massive amplitude. For the win, Luca has the opportunity to perfect his surfing abilities during a 2-week surf camp in Portugal.

prize givingSven Thorgren, photo: David Malacrida

For the snowboarders, the winner of the big air was Sven Thorgren whose incredible riding definitely caught the attention of the judges. As a prize, Sven will be joining Luca at the surf camp in Portugal.

prize givingNicky Keefer, Photo: David Malacrida

The Best Style Ski’ award was awarded to Nicky Keefer who continuously tweaked out every single hit, regardless of the feature. For his win, he also took home an O’Neill surfboard to use when he heads home to the US.

prize givingSebbe de Buck, Photo: David Malacrida

This same prize was given to Belgian Sebbe de Buck who was awarded ‘Best Style Snowboarding’ for his super smooth tricks throughout the week.

prize givingJesper Tjäder & Christof Schenk

Ruler of The Week for skiing was so impossible to decide, that two people walked away with a surfboard: Jesper Tjäder and Christof Schenk.

prize giving

Sven Thorgren, photo: David Malacrida

For the snowboarders, the results were fairly unanimous across the board and the award for ‘Ruler of the Week‘ for snowboarding was given to the young Swede Sven Thorgren. As a result, Sven won the exact surfboard that will allow him to become a pro during his surfing camp.

prize givingFabian Bösch, photo: David Malacrida

‘Best GoPro Ski Moment’ was a quick one to decide with the skiers easily giving the prize to Fabian Bösch’s Double Backflip captured with three different GoPros. The prize for this specific moment is 2000 USD for Fabian to spend as he wishes.

prize givingSeppe Smits, photos: David Malacrida

Meanwhile, Belgian Seppe Smits showed what he was made of during his GoPro edit, taking home the 2000 USD, the prize and the glory for the Best GoPro Snowboard Moment’.

Thanks to all the skiers and snowboarders for making this Nine Knights one to remember. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be able to get this kind of event off the ground without you guys tearing apart the castle the way you do! Until next year!

Next up is the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB in Livigno from August 31st to September 5th. Be sure to stay tuned on all of the excitement by checking and by following us on facebook:@nineknights

 Top Photo: Nico Zacek & Alex Papis, photo: David Malacrida