VIDEO: Contest & Week Highlihgts

Many of the world’s best female and male skiers and snowboarders came together for the grand finale of the Suzuki Nine Royals at Watles, South Tyrol, Italy on April 1st, 2017.

In addition to their impressive contest performances, the athletes spent the week perfecting their tricks, pushing the progression of both skiing and snowboarding. Andri Ragettli’s world first quad cork 1800 took skiing to an entirely new level while Jesper Tjäder’s (SWE, ski) crazy trick lines across the entire feature put a whole new spin on skiing. Meanwhile, Anna Gasser’s (AUT, snb) cab double cork 900 cemented her place as one of the most progressive riders in women’s snowboarding. Finally, Suzuki Nine Royals newcomer Tyler Nicholson (CAN, snb) showed off his deep bag of tricks with a massive cab triple cork 1440.

Seppe Smits

Tom Ritsch & Tayler Seaton

sebbe de buck

Ulrik badertscher

Tom Ritsch

Sarka Pancochova

anna gasser

david wise

Andri Ragettli

julia marino