TOP 10 Moments of All Time

The Suzuki Nine Knights and Nine Queens played host to some insane moments over the last seven years. Some rise from the buzzing creativity of the event: medieval swords, naked front flips, crazy trains and half pipe transfers. Many have become defining cornerstones in the progression of the sport whether bagging a world’s first, a personal first or throwing down a statement of style.

Here are our TOP 10 Moments of All Time! Enjoy!

10) David Wise Superman Front Flip with a Sword (2013)

9) Seppe Smits, Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute (2014)

8) Andi Wittman 5.6 Meter World Record Hip Air (2013)

7) Mega Mountainbike Train (2012)

6) Luca Schuler Triple Cork 1080 (2014)

5) Teddy Berr Naked Superman Front Flip (2010)

4) Kaya Turski & Maria Bagge First Ever Female Switch 1080s (2011)

3) Antoine Bizet First Ever Double Back Flip on Downhill Bike (2013)

2) Lisa Zimmerman First Ever Female Double Cork 1260 in Competition (2012)

1) Jesper Tjäder 55 m Death Gap Double Back Flip (2014)