Winners of the Week

The Suzuki Nine Royals 2017 would not be complete without a banger celebration at the end of the week where those involved are properly rewarded. The Gala evening is nearly as awaited as the event and everyone is ready for a good time, excited to see the photos and video of the week. The good old peer-review system was set in place where all photos and athlete performances were judged by the photographers and the athletes themselves.

This year’s four invited photographers Flo Breitenberger, Eric Seo, Markus Rohrbacher and Daniel Bernstal each presented their best 2 photos for the following categories: ‘Best Action Shot’,Best Creative Angle’,Best Illumination”, “Best Close-Up’, ‘Best GoPro Photo’.

For the athletes, the following categories were up for grabs: ‘Man of the Day’, ‘Ruler of the Week’, and ‘Best GoPro Photo”.

Athlete Awards

For taking home 1st place in their contest categories, Sebbe de Buck, Jamie Anderson, Coline Ballet-Baz, and Andri Raggetli have all been awarded incredible week-long surfing trips to Portugal thanks to Pure Surf camps!

Though all of the athletes sent it hard all week long, there were a number who stood out in particular, earning the “Ruler of the Week” titles. In snowboarding, Sebbe de Buck and Anna Gasser each took home another free trip each, enabling both of them to bring a guest to Portugal thanks to Pure Surf Camps.

Meanwhile, for the skiers, it was contest winner Coline Ballet-Baz and the tricks madman Jesper Tjader who both took home the Pure Surf Camp prize! As with the snowboarders, Coline will be able to invite a friend to join her.

A new category for this year’s Suzuki Nine Royals, the “Man of the Day” Medal were awarded to the athletes for their positive vibes, motivation, and dedicated riding. In snowboarding, Sarka Pancochova and Simon Gruber took the medal home for Sarka’s creative lines on the feature’s hip and for Simon’s consistent progressive riding.

For the skiers, Katie Summerhaye’s good vibes made her the easy winner but it was more complicated for the Knights as both Jules Bonnaire and Tom Ritsch were absolutely sending all week and equally earned the right to be “Man of the Day”.

Our last athlete category was “Best GoPro Photo” and though all of the photos were impressive, the stand outs where Ulrik Badertscher and Emma Dahlstrom who blew the crowd’s minds and won themselves some incredible GoPro gear in the process. Looking at the photos below, it’s easy to see why!

Photographer Awards
His first win of many, Markus Rohrbacher took home the “Best Action Shot” for this sequence featuring legendary rail slayer Jesper Tjader. Thanks to Pure Surf Camps, Markus will be attending a weeklong surf camp experience

In “Best Creative Angle” category, Innsbruck based photographer Flo Breitenberger submitted an incredible double exposure feature Jesper Tjader hitting the course through the lense of another camera. For this incredible photo, he will be joining Markus in Portugal thanks to Pure Surf Camps!

For the “Best Illumination” category, it was Swedish photographer Daniel S who most dazzled the judges with his shot of a skier as a silhouette against the sun. This incredible shot rewarded Daniel with a free trip to Portugal thanks to Pure Surf Camps. 

The next category was “Best Close Up” and was awarded once more to Markus Rohrbacker who will be lucky enough to bring a guest to Portugal! Congrats also to Ralph Welponer for being featured in the photo.

Finally, the ‘Best GoPro’ shot was given out once more to Markus for his photo of Simon Gruber’s tweaked grab. Thanks to this photo, Markus walked away with a huge pile of GoPro goodies amounting to nearly 1,400 Euro! If we’ve learned anything here, it’s that Markus will be making good use of the GoPro gear.